Stupidity Returns

by Brat Pack

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New Brat Pack album, to be released on Friday the 13th of May!


released May 13, 2011




Brat Pack Netherlands

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Track Name: Much Like Gravity
The larger picture of our existence
Is near impossible to grasp
And it's hard to accept our mere mortality
So you hold on to the answers of a distant past
Religion provides them all
Creation and eternal life in heaven
Meanwhile science has given us new insights
But you stick to what you've learned in your bible lessons

Conflicting views
Impossible to fuse

You say that it's just a theory
Well, in that sense it is much like gravity
The evidence is all around
But your will to believe is too profound

You just cannot accept that all that your parents taught you was a lie
That your origination is neither intelligent nor design
Desperately trying to unite ideas that cannot be combined
It's time to drop your religion, it's time, it's time
Track Name: Safe and Sound
Provoking thoughts, your worst intruder
Rather dumb and ‘sane’, than subjected to confusion
Your perceptions so selective 'cause your schemes are too static
When the picture is too big, you focus automatically

You don’t question your habits, don’t question your sense
Find your peace in false beliefs and stubborn ignorance
The information that you gain is bounded rationally
But you embrace your self-created illusion of the world

You suffer neglect
Thought neglect
You suffer neglect
Mistaking convictions for matters of fact
Dumb and sane, it's safe and sound

The fear of incongruence,
unconsciously feeds your stubbornness towards any common sense
You don’t need a suggestion or the slightest of direction,
'cause your schemes are too static and resistant to correction

You don’t question morals, you don’t question your sins
Limited by your schemes, bounded by self-defence
And there's something safe, in having no clue at all,
so you embrace your self-created illusion of the world

But safe and sound, there’s no question left at all
and you embrace your self-created illusion of the world
Track Name: Radical Development
Too optimistic about our intelligence?
When everything is set on progress, there is something we forget
Radical development of radical thoughts
Another great depression and the problems that it once brought

It's not just something that we have to do
It's not just something 'cause we know we should not do
Can't be something to relate to
It's not just something that we fight, 'cause it's something that reminds us...
Of a time and a place around 70 years ago
When people were getting fed up and when money was running low
Started pointing fingers, hate unfolded upon the land
People didn’t ask questions, stuck their head in the sand

Modern days, so start modern thinking
The gain of information has set our brains shrinking
History repeats itself, we stare it right in the eye
Come on let's not set ourselves up for a…
Radical development of radical thoughts
Can't set your goals on hatred
Look at the problems that it once brought

Can't believe the direction we are going
Distance myself from the tolerance we are showing
Popularity grows for those with radical thoughts
Not to the right direction but towards a sequel…
Of a time and a place, where people didn’t know
That what they unleashed, would so quickly overthrow
Left Europe into ashes and nothing left to burn
I guess it takes about a lifetime to let stupidity return
Track Name: Nothing to Hide
Instilling fear in your minds was the first step of our master-plan
Terrorist attacks ensure that you're aware of the threat at hand
The enemy walks among us, so for your own safety, we need surveillance
Nevermind privacy, you've got nothing to hide, just don't betray us

To watch your every movement is our right
Set up the cameras and monitor your life
Under surveillance every day and night
Gave up your freedom 'cause you've got nothing to hide

All your information is conveniently stored in our central database
The e-mails that you've sent and everywhere you've been in the last 5000 days
In a haze of fear you quickly signed away your rights to the government you blindly trusted
Now a totalitarian state controls you, but you never thought of that

To watch your every movement is our right
Set up the cameras and monitor your life
Under surveillance every day and night
You'd better make sure that you've got nothing to hide
Track Name: Church of Abuse
You want to spend your life serving God
Willing to make a sacrifice
Abstinence is part of a priest's morality
Forever obliged to suppress, suppress, suppress your sexuality
Celibacy can be hard, we do understand
So if you cannot keep your promise, then...

We will forever conceal the truth
Within this holy church of abuse
Silence is golden, it's our salvation
A covenant of obfuscation

Turned out to be harder than expected
You begin to understand why you yourself were subjected
To sexual abuse as a seminarian
Repeat the vicious cycle, again and again and again, you have become the same as them
Baptized in sadism, oppression and sodomy
Untold horror tales of the ministry

We asked for forgiveness from the holy spirit
Our sins have been cleansed, no apologies given
The Lord has blessed us with redemption
Our missteps will never, never, never again have to be mentioned
A tradition of secrecy, Vatican justice
Discarding dark stories into the abyss

Spreading the gospel of molestation
Track Name: Family Man
Staring at the TV, at cold war with my wife
I can't relate to anything and you call this “life”
Good job, great wages, but at what cost
Looking back on everything that I've lost
Here we go again, duty calls it’s 6 A.M.

Wrong ambition of the worst kind
I'm a family man, with no vital signs
Wife & kids, tasteless food
Taxes, stocks, Mephisto shoes
I always lose!

But is this what I want?
Tell me what I need!
Went to the doc who gave me Prozac on receipt
So, here we go again, duty calls for the family man

Wrong ambition of the worst kind
Do I wanna live this artificial life?
Mobile homes and fishing rods
White socks in my Birckenstocks
When did I stop giving a fuck!

I want some fuckin’ action
I don’t want this
I'm signing out!

In this artificial life, that started forty years ago
There’s no happy end, my final blast will be a gunshot
For forty years already I’ve been hanging on a rope
Forty years of blankness, without any signs of hope
Where's the fucking action?
Nothing but a monkey in a vegetative state
Controlled by the things that I used to hate

I’m signing out
I’m signing out
I’m signing out
I’m signing out
Track Name: Delusional
Setting the alarm was a bit too optimistic
So I snoozed my way into the afternoon
The one-off's are turning into a daily routine
There are certain times a day that I have never seen

There's so many things that I could do
But I am stuck here till the day is through
I can't embrace a motive, I can't maintain the same
In my defence, I'm only partly to blame

Future events
I’ve seen it all
I'm delusional!

I've got a million questions and actions I must take
I don’t know what I'm doing, I'm delusional
There are so many things, that I could do, but I got little done today

The truth has a habit of leaving questions on the side
Afraid to believe in things where the outcome can't be seen
A vicious circle of the four walls that I embrace
To create a delusion of the world where I haven’t been
Track Name: Crisis
Once again the greed of corporations has proved itself a curse
Economies crash, because another bubble has burst
They could all see it coming, it was set to explode
Nevertheless the bonus system ensured that their eyes stayed closed

Now it was easy to predict
That the government's response
Would be socialism for the rich
And capitalism for the rest of us

Why should we help them?
We shouldn't reward them...

...for the risks that they took and the mistakes that they made
Everybody knows who it is that will pay for this
It's not the rich
Not the financial world, which has caused this mess
The weight always seems to land on the weakest shoulders

Politicians make promises: “we all have to share this burden”
But the plans they make don't reflect the words we hear from them
Higher-incomes pay higher taxes, a system of which we're proud
But deduction of mortgages still straightens things right out
Yet still, it's even hard to discuss whether this system is fair
And billions are still spent on fighter jets and warfare

Can't we come up with something better?
Something that somehow relates
To the way this whole crisis started out in the first place
There are savings to be made
We have to cut back somewhere
Someone will have to pay
But this time, let's pick the people with wealth to spare

Why should we help them?
We don't owe them
Track Name: Mall Rats
It's a 5 minute walk
But I'll take the car instead
Don't wanna break a sweat
What where you thinking?
I’ve got to save my energy
Fill me up with Gatorate
This is a man with a mission

Hand over my allowance
I've got important shit to do
I’ve got no sentimental attachment
I need to buy something new
Hit the mall at 9 A.M.
There is no specific destination
I'm on this brainless operation

I’ve got the time and the money
And nothing else to do
Confront these walls
again, again and again
Run my life during visiting hours
I've got the shakes at night
On shiftless layabouts
Raised under artificial sunlight

Went to get what I want
It's not something that I need
I’ve got a depraved little mind
Run through a liquid TV
A greedy desire
Blame it on the 21st century

I'm flirting with objects
And they all seem interested in me
Got to fill the gap
Where my life used to be
Handed in my sense of value
Lost it at the age of thirteen
The worst materialistic carnivore
that this world has ever seen

Overindulged, just a spoiled little brat
A gratification of needs
Is all he needs
Conserve a pattern
Of exclusive consumption

A greedy desire
'Cause money never sleeps
Handed in his sense of value
Can't restrain his needs
Can't restrain his needs
Can't restrain his needs

Mall rats
Out to get what he wants